You Are A Valuable Product

Most women's favorite pastime is shopping, and no matter what the event or occasion is, we always make sure our purchase is on point. We browse for hours and try on different items to find our perfect look. But our outfit does not only have to look perfect; it must fit exactly right. So as we try things on, we turn to look at ourselves in the dressing room, analyzing different angles to determine what looks best. Before the sell is final, every step must be taken because our purchase must be valuable to our style. I use this analogy because we all relate to shopping for valuable products. In this case, the product is our clothing, which is a value to our style. 

Now let us shift this analogy. Think of yourself as a valuable product. When you look in the mirror and turn spiritually naked from all angles, do you see yourself as a valuable product of a woman? This is a difficult question to answer, but I challenged myself to dig deep and find the answer. Now I am challenging you. Ask yourself are you a valuable product in the following categories: Are you a valuable product to God, yourself, family, friends, others, and community? How?

I will be elaborating on each category throughout this week. We must put forth the same effort we put towards shopping for valuable products to enhance our wardrobe and style, in order to build ourselves as a valuable product of a woman. 

“We must go beyond the physical to be on point”. Bernadette Graham, Writer

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