Paint Yourself with Words and Style

I want you to use your imagination and pretend you are an artist. You are going to paint yourself using various styles of art. There are seven styles an artist may use to paint a portrait. As you read each style, I want you to paint a portrait of yourself. Use a mirror as your canvas, your hands as a brush, and your eyes to see every detail of your strokes.  

The first style is realism. When an artist uses realism, the artist is creating an illusion of space and depth, so the subject appears real. Now look at your canvas. What illusions have you painted of yourself? Or what illusion have you painted for people to believe about you? Paint your illusions on your canvas. 

The next style of an artist is the painterly style. In this style, the artist does not try to smooth out the texture or marks in a painting. Look at your canvas and use your brush to stroke every flaw. As you brush your flaws, describe how those flaws make you feel. Those flaws are a part of you and is something you should not try to hide. 

 Impressionism is when an artist leaves a painting unfinished and rough looking. As you continue to look at your canvas, look internally and paint your unfinished and rough images. Tears represent unfinished healing from hurt. Harsh words represent rough events you had to endure in your life. At this point your portrait is developing into a realistic image.

Furthermore, expressionism and fauvism are similar styles of painting. When an artist uses expressionism, they use exaggeration and distorted images to exhibit their inner feelings and emotions. On the other hand, fauvism is a style that uses exuberant and unnatural colors to depict a realistic image of how the artist feels. As you look at your canvas, how do you depict your life? Is your canvas colorful, joyous, and exotic? Or dark, grim, and boring? As you look at your canvas you no longer see the illusions. You see the true essence of yourself as you interpret the visible details of your portrait. This style of painting is abstraction. In this style, the artist paints the essence of a subject as he/she interprets it, rather than the visible details. 

However, abstract style involves the colors used, textures in the artwork, and the materials used to create the painting. You can add various colors to your canvas to highlight who you are and different materials to sculpt your beauty. There will be no details left out and no flaws that are insignificant, and you would have painted the last style which is photo-realism.  

You have now reached your finished product. Painting your portrait required extreme details and self-awareness of your life and beauty. You used all the styles to create a realistic lighting, reflection, and mirrored effects of a beautiful woman.  

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