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Years ago an associate told me,” when I decide to brand my business, my brand needs to tell a story.” At the time I did not fully understand what she meant by “tell a story”. But when I decided to brand Lalise; within a year I started to understand what she meant. Through branding on social media, vending events, appearances in magazines, and photoshoots, I had an opportunity to meet a diversity of women. Many women who complimented my accessories would call it “bold and unique”. As I continued to hear those same words, my vision for Lalise began to change, and I revised Lalise’s vision statement to add bold and unique. When I started Lalise’s Beauties photoshoots, I wanted to highlight the beauty of women wearing accessories from Lalise. The models for these photoshoots described how beautiful they felt, as they stepped outside of the box and into their unique style. That is when the story of my business unfolded; I wanted women to feel bold, beautiful, and unique in their own style.
Furthermore, I revised the inspirational message included with every purchase and order. I wanted women to be inspired from the inside out through a prayer message. My brand is now set in stone and telling a story. I realized the brand is Lalise, and the story is In My Own Style, which is to impact the lives of women through fashion accessories and inspirational messages.

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