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When I transitioned my passion for fashion accessories from a hobby to a company, I knew I didn’t want Lalise to be just another women’s accessory company. I wanted to inspire women to walk boldly, beautifully, and uniquely in their own personal style from the inside out. 

The original blog page for Lalise was titled “Accessories of Life (AOL)”. AOL inspired women to speak peace, love, and health in their life through inspirational quotes and messages. Peace, love, and health represented internal accessories, while the external fashion accessories made a statement of your own style. The original slogan for Lalise was “fashion jewelry with an inspirational twist”.

Now, fast forward a year later, my vision remains the same, to not be just another women’s accessory company. I continue to inspire woman to show their inner and outer beauty when wearing accessories from Lalise.  After a year my WHY for my company has become clear.  Lalise’s new blog title is “In My Own Style”. This blog is to inspire women to speak their boldness, love their beauty, and represent their uniqueness from the inside out; and accessories from Lalise will represent the boldness, beauty, and uniqueness of a woman’s style.  So, now instead of receiving a quote or message with an order, our customers will now receive a prayer. This prayer represents what I have asked God for, to clearly show me my WHY. My prayer for Lalise’s customers is as follows:

“Every woman wearing accessories from Lalise shall see herself the way God sees her.  To know she is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, as she walks boldly, beautifully, and uniquely in her purpose. AMEN!”

Thank you for shopping Lalise, we appreciate you. Bernadette Graham, Owner

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