Boldness of A Woman

First, let’s define boldness. The dictionary defines boldness as the “willingness to take risks and act innovatively, confidence or courage. The quality of having a strong, vivid or clear appearance”. Furthermore, the definition of boldness according to the Life Application Study Bible is being “fearless before danger; self-assured”. Women take many risks. We take a risk when we marry, we risk our body to bare children, and we take risks in our career or business, etc. Through our risks we gain confidence and courage to walk in our boldness without fear. Ladies, there is no reason we should walk around afraid to live and walk in our individual boldness. We have so many internal gifts and talents to offer to God, our family, and the world.

Now, let’s shift internal boldness to outward boldness. As the definition above states, being bold means having “a strong, vivid or clear appearance” of oneself. The way you view and handle yourself as well as the decisions around you show outwardly. In conclusion, your boldness shows through your personality and your style.

My prayer is, “every woman reading this blog will clearly define her boldness through God’s word. Her boldness will manifest through her personality and style as she walks in her purpose with confidence and courage.” Amen!

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